Ardyss Body Magic Shaper

Body Magic Body Shaper ReviewProduct: Body Magic Body Shaper

Company: Ardyss International

Price: $140


Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


About the Company

Ardyss International was founded by the Diaz de León family in 1991, and is a health and wellness company.  Ardyss specializes in reshaping garments, health, and diet and nutrition products.  Their concept of reshaping the human figure from the outside-in and reviving the body from the inside-out is revolutionary and has gained widespread success in its rapid expansion into the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, and Mexico with goals of going international.

Ardyss Body Magic Shaper: Product Overview

The Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper was created to assist in beautifying the figure of the human body.  This body shaper is the modern version of the corset.  It works by compressing problem areas, and exemplifying your assets.  It claims you can lose up to 3 dress sizes instantly.  The many benefits of the product are that it slims the waistline, lifts and rounds the buttocks, and gives the appearance of an instant tummy tuck.  It reduces tummy fat, underarm and back fat, and gives the appearance of an overall smooth more supportive feminine figure.  If worn regularly it can add to more permanent beneficial results.  These advantages include good posture and weight loss.  Not to mention it will instantly improve your confidence.

Ardyss Claims

Check Mark Flattens your tummy

Check Mark Removes side rolls (AKA Love Handles)

Check Mark Slims your thighs

Check Mark Corrects your posture

Check Mark Lifts your breasts and buttocks

Body Magic Shaper: The Good & The Bad


  • Made from sturdy, lightweight fabric made from 100% natural fibers
  • Reshapes the body, with a layer of lace to give a feminine appearance
  • The design of the bones and bands help lift and hold your stomach in position, while firming and controlling your abdomen.
  • Three rows of hooks that pull your shoulder back are easily adjusted on the shoulder straps, correcting your posture as your body is reshaped and transformed
  • The strong stretch fabric in the back area has additional support, with lightweight soft boning double stitched in the seams, for extra posture support.
  • Extra panel on each side assists to slim your hips and curve around your lower buttocks
  • Hook opening in the legs for restroom comfort
  • You can lose weight in problem areas with this product
  • Easy to measure and order online.


  • Slightly difficult to put on the garment the first time
  • It typically takes two days to become comfortable wearing it, although once adjusted properly the garment is quite comfortable

Ardyss Body Magic Shaper: Final Recommendation..

Only if you buy the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper from their Official website, you will be entitled to a 30 day money back guarantee. That’s why it’s important to buy directly from the manufacturer in order to get the best customer assistance and the security of the refund policy.

Despite the price tag, the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper is well worth the money.  The major concern people find are the difficulties in the initial adjustment period.  Once you have adjusted, there really is no body shaper on the market that compares for quality shapewear that reshapes your figure.  The body magic truly does deliver on its claims, you really will drop 2-3 sizes instantly.  No other product on the market can deliver the results that Body Magic can.  For most people the initial discomfort and adjustment period is well worth the results.  If you are looking for the best quality body shaper on the market then Body Magic is definitely it.

The best all over body shaper HANDS DOWN!!,

I have tried many, many shapers out there, including all the top brands. But the Ardyss Body Magic Shaper is by far, the best brand I have ever tried. Not only is it comfortable, but makes me feel confident again! My clothes look great on me, and this one has several added benefits that other ultra firm/firm shapers I have tried do not. It really does help my posture a great deal(something I have struggled with since high school, I am 42), and my back feels so good in it! This truly does give great back support, which is only enhanced by good posture. It slims all my not so slim areas, and instantly I feel good all over. My abs and back have never been the same, since I delivered my son by way of an emergency c-section, 5 years ago, despite my extremely active, (intense exercise, strength training and cardio, regularly) lifestyle. The Ardyss Body Magic Shaper not only makes me feel more confident, but physically good. Another huge benefit for me, is it slims the area that all the others I’ve tried seem to overlook, or do not provide enough support in-the lovehandle area. Although this garmet is pricey, the construction of it is amazingly sturdy, so I know it will last a long time with proper care. Lauren Silva is the best company to buy this brand from, in fact, the only one I know that carries the line. You must pay attention to the size chart, and make sure you get the correct size. I absolutely love this product, and will buy more of it and another style, as soon as I can afford it. Extremely well worth it.

By Jeanna Thompson on June 2, 2009 (Taken from

Ardyss Body Magic Shaper Reviews: Customer Testimonial

I’ve had my Ardyss body magic shaper almost a week on Tuesday. I can truly say that it works wonders for me. I love the way it flattens my stomach and hides my love handles. I truly recommends that whoever has a problem with there weight and poor posture to purchase this product.

By Ronnie Ron314 on Jan 31, 2010 (Taken from



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