Kymaro Body Shaper vs. Body Magic Shaper

Product Name: Body Magic Shaper / kymaro

Kymaro Body Shaper

Company: Ardyss International / UbuyEZ

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Guarantee: 30 Days / 30 Days

Rating:  4.5 / 2

If you have seen the “body shaper as seen on tv”, you may be curious to know how well they actually work.  Well we have put two of the most popular and purchased body shapers on the market head to head for a direct comparison for quality and affordability.

Overview – Body Magic Shaper vs. Kymaro Body Shaper

Body Magic

The Body Magic Shaper is an undergarment that compresses and redirects the excess weight around your mid section to give the appearance of a liposuction transformation.  This shapewear product flattens and controls your abdomen and lifts the bust and stomach.  This revolutionary product has taken the simple design of a corset, and innovated it into the most high tech and effective body shaper available to the public today.  The Body Magic Shaper lifts and shapes your buttocks, and thins thighs and hips, all while correcting your posture by pulling your shoulders back.


Kymaro is a product that has been highly publicized and marketed worldwide as a shapewear solution.  It has been accepted as a brand name, and has had much success with its marketing campaigns and promotion.  Kymaro body shapers are designed to distributing cellulite and lumpy skin evenly without leaving any protrusions to give a seamless look.

Body Magic Claims “Lose 2-3 Sizes in Ten Minutes”

  • Body Magic Reshaper assists to firm and control your abdomen
  • It lifts and hold your lower stomach in position
  • Encourages your shoulders back and corrects your posture
  • Offers upper and lower back support
  • Thins hips, and lift buttocks

Kymaro Body Shaper Claims “Slims 2 Dress Sizes Instantly”

  • Effectively removes all bulges and bumps
  • Eliminates back and bra bulge
  • Smoothes and slims entire waistline
  • Flattens stomach and assists in good posture
  • Made with stretchable and breathable fabric

Quality – Body Magic Shaper vs. Kymaro Body Shaper


Most of the Kymaro Body Shaper products are made from 90% polyester.  As most of us know, polyester does not breathe well and can get very hot and uncomfortable.  The Body Magic Shaper on the other hand is made from 100% natural fibers and is very breathable.  The fabric used to hold up the Kymaro garments are extremely ineffective, and they tend to roll up and bunch up causing the irritation of constantly having to readjust them.   A woman from Bloomingfield CT, explained in a review post that “This product promised to fit perfectly and smooth out bumps and bulges and make you appear a size or more smaller. It claimed that it would not roll down or ride up, when in fact this is all it does. “

Body Shaping

Hands down, body magic is a far superior product for body shaping.  Kymaro does an adequate job at slimming the waist line, but for women who are heavy set, it is not a good choice.  This garment does not do a good job at redistributing the weight, and is merely a mechanism for compression.  Debbie a plus size woman from Michigan revealed after wearing the body magic that, “..when I looked at pictures that I was in that night, I actually looked heavier because all of my fat was compressed in two folds under my shirt.

Body Magic offers much more stability, and reshapes the body into an ideal feminine figure.  It has concealed “bones” that force the weight away from the problem areas, and supports it where it looks good.  This support means no unsightly bulges revealing themselves in unwanted areas, and no relying on chance to see where the compressed weight will end up.


Affordability – Body Magic Shaper vs. Kymaro Body Shaper


Kymaro Body Shaper is inexpensive compared to the Body Magic Shaper.  With the body shaper as seen on tv, you are able to get bundles that include a whole bundle of similar products thrown in for free with your purchase.  The Body Magic Shaper goes for $140.00, and may be out of reach for many budgets.

Worth the Money

Despite the Kymaro products being inexpensive, they have hundreds of poor customer reviews found all over the place.  From low quality rip of products that do not meet their claims, to horrible customer service; UbuyEZ is not a company that you want get involved with.

The Body Magic Shaper is well worth the money if you can afford to purchase it.  All the products are of very high standard, the customer service impeccable, and you can do simple measurements to find the size that fits you online.

Guarantee – Body Magic Shaper vs. Kymaro Body Shaper

Both companies offer a 30 day, money back guarantee; however Kymaro has developed a bad reputation for having rude and uncooperative customer service.  Donazel tells her experience with UbuyEZ and the Kymaro product she purchased, “..I emailed again to ask for someone to speak too. I tried calling the customer service and got only voicemails, waiting for over an hour and was hung up on over and over. This is a scam!”

Final Thought..

It seems from the countless complaints about the Kymaro products that this company is in-fact taking advantage of people.  They have created a product that is a poor knock off of the products on the market and have done a miracle job in marketing it.  Fortunately, there are much better products on the market that have great customer feedback for quality shapewear that actually sticks by their claims.  Ardyss is one of those companies and offers the highest quality body shaping products on the market.   The Body Magic is not without flaws, some customers who reviewed the products found that it takes time to get accustom to the restrictiveness of the garment.

  • If you can afford to purchase the Body Magic shaper than buy it, it is worth the money
  • Another product called Spanx works well for women who are not overweight, however it does not compare to Ardyss Body Magic Shaper as a shapewear producer.
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