Body Shaping Corsets

Down 3 Sizes in Minutes!

Corsets have long been used as a way for women to slim their waists but these days they add shape to your body too. Shaping corsets are made much differently today. Not only do they do more for you but they are much sexier these days as well.

During Victorian times women used to go through a great deal of pain brought on by the ill designed corset but today they are hardly the same. There are a number of different designs and in fact they even make corsets for men these days. Which corset you choose depends on what exactly you want it to do. Each design works to slim your stomach area but many of them do other things too.

The Original Shaping Corset

Your typical corset will help you to look slimmer in the waist area but without all of the pain women used to have to deal with. Today the corset doesn’t consist of a string like cinching garment that barely allows you any circulation More modern corsets start right around the hip and extend to just below the bust line. This means much more support and comfort for you while still providing you with the slimming look you were hoping for. And many of the corsets you find today will also come in a variety of colors too so that you can have one to where no matter what outfit you choose.

Shaping Corsets – The Corselette

The corselette is another garment designed to slim the waist but it does so much more than the original corsette. Not only will this garment make you look great but it will also support your back and help you to improve your posture. Pain will be relieved and at the same time you will look great. Wearing a corselette will also reduce the overall size of the area it covers. Your waist will look inches slimmer without even having to do anything drastic to get there.

Deluxe Shaping Corsets

Even better than the original corset and the corselette are deluxe corsets. Many women wear these corsets to lose weight and you to can lose inches just by wearing one of these innovative garments. Shaping corsets are great but it’s even better to appear to have actually lost weight. These nifty little garments will support the spine while at the same time reducing your body by up to three sizes giving you the look you thought was only a dream.



Mens Shaping Corsets

Many men may have never even thought of wearing a corset but the fact is there are numerous men out there who do. Corsets designed for men are not so much shaping corsets but garments made to support better posture and relieve painful tension in the back. Rather than covering the whole midsection men’s corsets wrap around the center of the midsection in order to provide needed support. Many men find these useful garments and you may too.

Shaping corsets today do not come in one shape or size and are made for anyone to wear. Many individuals not only find relief from trouble areas by wearing shaping corsets but also relief from pain and pressure which is relief many of us could use.

Product: Slim Shaper

Company: Ardyss International

Price: $76


Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


The Ardyss shaping corsets is made from latex material that is especially designed to burn fat by making you perspire. The adjustable straps are there for personal comfort.  The great thing about this product is it gives you the ability to move freely and comfortably.  Perfect for busy women who are looking for beautiful feminine contours for you back and waist.  This vest is great for regular use for looking your best.




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