Stomach Girdles

It’s no surprise to most people that women have long been wearing stomach girdles and it is no mystery as to why. These wonderful garments can do wonders to make a woman look more slim and fit but they are not just for women anymore. These days’ girdles are used by men and women alike and they can do more than make you look like you’re a size or two smaller. Girdles are used for numerous reasons today and can provide many benefits beyond looking better than ever before. This is likely why today’s men are taking advantage of the very same girdles that women have been for years. A look at the many things that a men’s girdle can do will help you to decide if a girdle is right for you.

Stomach Girdles -Support for the Back

One excellent benefit of wearing a girdle is the back support that it can provide. The many different girdles for men that offer this kind of support cannot even be seen and they come in a variety of different forms. Some are garments that wrap around the waist area and give a slimmer appearance while others resemble normal clothing. Your body shape and your weight will mainly determine which type of girdle you wear.

Stomach Girdles – Hides Belly Fat and Love Handles
It is undeniable that many individuals wear stomach girdles to cover stubborn areas in which it is difficult to lose fat such as the belly and the love handle areas. Men are no different from women in wanting to hide these sensitive areas and a girdle is a great way to do this. For men who wish to use a girdle for this purpose a t-shirt or tank top girdle would be ideal. These can easily be worn underneath normal everyday clothing without being seen which is why they are one of the most popular choices for men.

Stomach Girdles – Corrects Posture
As many women have long known and many men are beginning to discover girdles can also help to correct posture. Many individuals suffer from poor posture and relief in any form is welcomed. The right girdle can give that support by offering support to the back and spine. Not only will better posture relieve you from pain and life long problems but it will also help you to look better than ever before.

Stomach Girdles – Improved Athletic Performance
Finally, another common reason that stomach girdles are worn by men is in order to improve athletic performance. Girdles are said to be able to do this by reducing moisture thereby streamlining the body, and increasing energy. Many athletes take advantage of this helpful technology in order to improve their performance.

Stomach Girdles – Staying Cool
Certain men’s girdles will also work to keep your body temperature much cooler. This is the result of the same technology that improves athletic performance. Moisture drawn from the body allows you to stay cooler while at the same time looking slimmer and feeling great.
Girdles in the past have been mainly for women but that’s no reason for men not to take advantage of the benefits they provide. There are numerous reasons for you to start wearing a girdle and when you try one you will likely love the way it feels.

Stomach girdleProduct: Plus Girdle White

Company: Ardyss International

Price: $81


Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


This stomach girdle is a very lightweight reshaper that will give you a refined, slenderized apperance from your waist down to your legs. It is designed especially to support your lower abdomen. It includes a double reinforced front panel to lift and firm your stomach muscles. The side panels are designed to reduce and refine your hips, eliminating the “saddlebag” apperance. This reshaper is great when worn with the Corselette Deluxe.



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